The future of the past

Twisted torcs; Iron Age wedding trumpets; ales and brewing; medieval superfoods; nineteenth-century ice houses; cannons, saints and sunken ships; solar symbolism in the Bronze Age; burial grounds for children; puzzling and disappearing sweathouses; Ireland and the phallic continuum; and even ‘The Gates of Heaven’—all this and much more as 30-year-old Archaeology Ireland magazine goes digital and brings the future to the past.

A first-rate publication with the very best in making a wide and varied readership aware of current archaeology’Professor Bruce Proudfoot.

Archaeology Ireland is a quarterly magazine which has been in production since 1987. The magazine is aimed at both professional and non-professional readers.

  • Archaeology Ireland has become, over the years, a widely read and well-respected magazine which is frequently quoted in the national papers both in Ireland and the U.K.
  • The readership is drawn from the professions, archaeologists, architects, planners, teachers, as well as large sections of the general public. Many of our subscribers are already members of local history societies.
  • Most county libraries and county councils in Ireland subscribe to Archaeology Ireland. There are a substantial number of subscribers overseas, drawing readers from the U.K., Europe, U.S.A., Australia and Japan.

Editorial Team: Sharon Greene (Editor) (, Franc Myles (News editor) (, Gabriel Cooney, Emer Condit (copy-editor), Tom Condit, Nicholas Maxwell, Una MacConville, Brian Williams, Chris Corlett, Michael Connolly, Aidan O’Sullivan,

Production: Niamh Power, Nicholas Maxwell

Subscriptions & Administration: Helen Dunne (

Advertising: Una MacConville (


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