What’s in the Winter 2016 issue









  • The archaeology of Armageddon
  • Getting to the point
  • Bishopsland: settlement above the Golden Falls
  • Know your monuments: Salt-making and food preservation
  • Trench warfare—in the Phoenix Park!
  • Bright sparks
  • Can you show the archaeology of Ireland in one map? (Read this article for free by clicking here)
  • Ireland—land of the yew?
  • Another Holy Ship—sailing high in the sky in the Irish midlands
  • Plus
      • News
      • Obituary
      • Net news
      • Quote…unquote
      • Events
      • Book news
      • Hindsight

    Latest Heritage Guide (Free to subscribers)

    The route of Táin Bó Cúailnge in counties Roscommon and Longford

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