Clarification and apology

In an article in Archaeology Ireland, issue number 134 (Winter 2020), entitled ‘Bad Luck in West Cork’, the erroneous impression was provided that Dr Jenny Butler advised on, or omitted to advise on, the legal requirements relating to the moving of a standing stone. The Publishers acknowledge that Dr Butler did not provide any advices whatsoever in relation to the moving of the standing stone. The Publishers furthermore acknowledge that Dr Butler is a recognised expert in her academic field and is fully entitled to her utmost reputation. The Publishers apologise to Dr Butler in relation to the article.


Archaeology Ireland and Covid-19

During the current Covid-19 restrictions we have been committed to producing Archaeology Ireland and keeping its web-site and ancillary on-line activities running. We have been able to print and distribute it as normal.

Most shops and newsagents should  continue to stock the magazine. And, of course, it can be ordered on line or by phone and delivered via An Post.

If you have difficulty obtaining a copy you can order single copies on-line. Go to

or phone +353-1-2933568

Exact editions also sell single issues and access to the full archive for one quarter at the same price as a single issue, just go to:



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