We are always delighted to receive submissions. You don’t need to be a professional archaeologist to write for Archaeology Ireland. Below are some guidelines for submissions.

Article length

Articles can be up to 2500 words long-this is a limit, not a goal! Shorter articles are always welcome.
Word count includes image captions, references, acknowledgements and any other material outside the main text of the article.


Remember you are writing for a general audience so try to be as lively as possible. Draw the reader in with your first paragraph. Don’t start with boring locational or contract details or acknowledgement of the body involved! Avoid jargon and technical words if they are necessary they should be explained. keep references to an absolute minimum. If you must provide a reading list it should contain a maximum of four titles.
Provide an interesting title. For example instead of A Neolithic House in Termonfeckin, Co. Louth you could have something like: The dawn of the building industry in the North-east. Also provide a lively subheading. For example: ‘Joe Bloggs has discovered the secrets of the universe in a shell midden in County Mayo’. If not, we may provide one for you!
Remember to provide captions for your illustrations.


Avoid starting with a map or drawing. Its best to have your first image as a colour photo.
Provide up to 3 illustrations per 500 words. So you can send in 9 pics with a 2500 word article. Grey scale and colour images should be a minimum of 300 dpi at 200mm wide for landscape and 200mm high for portrait. Bitmap or Line art should be a min 800dpi at size they are to be reproduced. Vector images as in Adobe Illustrator .ai or .eps format provide the best quality images
Please send images a separate files. Do not embed them in the text.

Other required information

Please also provide a very short biography of yourself. About 20 words long.

Where to send it?

Please email your submissions to editor@archaeologyireland.ie

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